How we do it

Big ideas: from conceptualizing to delivery

Marketing strategy and execution

Discover and cultivate brand partnerships/collaborations

Strategic consultation and advisement

Create meaningful brand experiences and stories

Digital content planning and execution

Technology and third-party tool integration

Fearless pursuit of Tall Blade Status



Hospitality brands

Consumer packaged goods

Lifestyle brands

Sports brands/teams

Bad ass entrepreneuers and start-ups

Any. other. tall. blade.

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Lauren is a big-thinking brand strategist who is passionate about bringing brands to life to make people feel something. She dreams up the magical ideas that inspire clients, ignite brand advocates and drive affinity as well as revenue. She has grit, is curious AF, full of spirit and fiercely driven to do work that matters.


Prior to founding The Tallest Blade, Lauren was the Director of Digital Marketing at Fox Restaurant Concepts, working across 15 brands. She pushed the boundaries to create meaningful work that people were passionate to be a part of, bridged creative and technology, and created National brand partnerships to help gain awareness, buzz and credibility.

Before joining Fox Restaurant Concepts, Lauren was the VP, Group Account Director at Manifest, a digital and branding content agency. Her earlier and most fun years were spent at creative agencies in NYC and LA, always considered the team’s rock and go to for anything considered 'new' or 'never been done' - working with amazing clients that allowed her to expand her idea of possibilities, including: Sony, adidas, Bombay Sapphire, Hershey’s, Reebok, Nokia and Seventh Generation.