Let’s be honest— the reason I wanted to work with Fox Restaurant Concepts is because as a guest and frequent diner, I hated their website. It drove me so crazy I stopped going to it and I knew if I could get in there, I could make a sizable impact.

The first thing on my To Do list was to overhaul the entire FRC web experience. It took me over a year to start to gain some traction around the idea of it and after multiple pitches to Sam Fox and a whole lotta charm (and begging) he gave me the ok. He also told me if it sucked I’d be fired. So there was that. Ha.

I led the website redesign project for all 15 brands alongside my super star agency, M&C Saatchi. In the discovery phase we did competitive research and a ton of internal qualitative research to truly understand who we were as a brand and as a company. There were some incredible moments of finding nuggets of truth about what FRC stands for— we hadn’t dug into that before. We based our entire website structure around the idea that FRC is a creative, culinary, community. It led us to our U/X, it led us to our video content and our imagery and it is now the beacon for all things FRC. The use case of the entire site was flipped and instead being a digital dumping ground for 15 brands, the site held meaning. It told a story. It had paths you could travel from it and explore, The project included the discovery, wireframing, design, video and photography production and beta testing (and a ton of internal cheerleading and battles) — the FRC website was by far the largest site to tackle and the most rewarding.

The site uses a unique parallax design with subtle movement and video content to bring to life the vibrancy of our restaurants and the diversity of the FRC staff and company.