In the past, the Fox Restaurant Concepts site had hosted every restaurant brand— for reservations, viewing menus, location info, etc. It was hard to navigate, it wasn’t intuitive and it was a frustrating guest experience. With the change in direction and for the FRC brand, it gave us the ability to create a case for each brand (regardless of number of locations) to have their own website— giving it more search value and better search results, a simple, few-click experience to every CTA and it’s own visual and brand identify.

Below is an example of the first new restaurant concept site we created— for North Italia. The U/X and key functionality for this site was then rolled out and tweaked for every other brand site depending on the needs of each restaurant.

Given the incredible growth of the North Italia brand, the website was a critical piece to get to a good place so that it could grow with the brand (responsive site, quick to get to CTAs) and also to reflect how the brand had changed to become more of a lifestyle brand and not just a local handmade pasta spot.

With new photography, video and a focus on simple user interactions the site saw incredible increases in KPIs numbers within just months of the launch.

55% increase in new users post-launch

46% increase in reservations made via the site

3654% increase in menu views (menus were previously PDFs only, non trackable and a nightmare on mobile)

Digital StrategyLauren Keeton