In 2008, I worked with an incredibly rad athlete stylist, Cindy Whitehead, on an adidas training shoot who forever made an impact on me. A Tall Blade she sure was, ripping in to the studio, making connections with the athletes right away, rocking ripped jeans and dropping F-bombs left and right. I loved her immediately. I Facebook friended her and that was that.

In 2013 Cindy created a brand called β€œGirl is NOT a 4 Letter Word” and came out with a collaboration skateboard with Dwindle Inc. by designing a skateboard aimed at the female market.

When the Flower Child team was tasked with engaging with a key target demographic in the SoCal stores (young, millennial girls) I knew things were going to come full circle. I reached out to Cindy (hi, remember me?!) and we worked to create a collaboration. We made a GN4LW lemonade- of-the-month at the Santa Monica and Del Mar locations with proceeds supporting their non-profit. We collaboratively supported the effort on the GN4LW and Flower Child channels, email marketing, etc.

We also signed a few of their female athletes on as brand ambassadors/social influencers and hosted a kick-off event as well as a book signing for "It's Not About Pretty: A Book About Radical Skater Girls" and had an all girls skate party upstairs at our Santa Monica locations.