Our client, Mitsubishi, wanted to launch a great new CUV loaded with technology but few were considering the brand and even fewer were coming into the dealerships for test-drives. I had a ton of experience in the automotive world, having worked on General Motors for years, but I personally had a ton of (incorrect) stereotypes around Mitsubishis. Weren’t people that drove them hardcore tuners who live paycheck-to-paycheck buying mods and fixing everything that breaks? Didn’t they race and have custom painted cars and tatoos? Clearly, Mitsubishi had a perception issue.

We partnered with a world-renowned robotics expert to rig an Outlander Sport with multiple point-of-view cameras, advanced electronic receivers, and state-of-the-art servomotors that allowed a real Outlander Sport to be driven from the comfort of people’s sofas.

We decided that if they weren’t going to come into the dealerships for a test-drive, we would bring the test-drive to them, with the world’s first online test-drive.

It was pretty crazy the coordination that went in to pulling this off— with our creative team, a production team, robotics team and our client team— it was kinda…nuts.. and a bit…reckless. People could theoretically rip their car in to reverse going 100MPH on our ‘virtual track’— but our track wasn’t virtual. There was indeed a Mitsubishi Outlander doing whatever the ‘test driver’ was having it do, on a track we had built out on a big piece of land. It was…pretty.freaking.rad. and definitely got people talking.