When I first heard about Create&Cultivate I was kind of like ‘why did I not think of this?!"‘ — it’s genius. Jaclyn Johnson, the founder, found a huge gap in the industry where women were yearning for connection, leadership and community. And not just for a fun Instagrammable event, but for real, true learning and inspiration. I reached out to Jaclyn as she was planning one of the first few Create&Cultivate events, with no idea what I wanted from it. I just knew that she was at the start of a groundswell of her company and mission. We chatted. We chatted again a few months later. And then again a few months after that. When Flower Child needed to increase awareness and attract female influencers in SoCal, I figured now or never with this. We asked to be the lunch sponsor for their LA Create&Cultivate conference.

We had Jaclyn create a special lemonade for the day and developed a menu tailored to the LA crowd, including our signature bowls, gluten-free brownies and flower crowns for all. It was our first boxed-lunch style event and it was for 1000 attendees and speakers. It was a logistical challenge and a culinary one. It made us all stressed out and brought us all together. We had a thousands of impressions, met 1000 new brand advocates and redeemed bounce backs to the Santa Monica store in the weeks following,